Tiffany Phillips

Phillips (reduced)My PhD research focusses on the role of endogenous oestrogen in male urethral development. The first aim of my project was to describe the post-natal development of the mouse penis, with particular regard to the origin of the internal and external prepuce, so that comparisons can more easily be drawn between murine and human hypospadias phenotypes. Currently I am working with a strain of mice which has oestrogen receptor α knocked out (αERKO), and therefore reduced endogenous oestrogen signalling during development. In addition to characterising the subtle hypospadias phenotype we see in these αERKO males, I am working to determine which genes are oestrogen responsive in the developing penis.


Phillips, T. R., Wright, D. K., Gradie, P. E., Johnston, L. A., & Pask, A. J. (2015). A Comprehensive Atlas of the Adult Mouse Penis. Sexual Development, 9(3), 162-172.